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Our Philosophy


By 2020 the Coffee Business of Grupo Nutresa will achieve sales of COP$1,58 billion with an EBITDA margin between 13 and 15%, contributing to building a sustainable world, providing quality of life to consumers with products and experiences that meet their welfare, nutrition and enjoyment expectations, being recognized by consumers of our brands, customers and the industrialized coffee world thanks to the portfolio of products, service, quality and outstanding innovation


We are a company specialized in industrialization and commercialization of coffee and its related products that:

  • Searches for the increasing value creation and profitable growth, by the positioning of our brands, outstanding service, operational efficiency and excellent national and international distribution. 
  • Guarantees, both  national and international customers and consumers, the satisfaction of their needs, with a wide portfolio of top quality products and outstanding innovation.
  • Manages our business committed to sustainable development, with the best human talent, outstanding innovation and an exemplary corporate behavior (business conduct).