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Integrated Management Policy

In Industrias Aliadas S.A.S, we act under the strategic framework contemplated in our Mission, Vision and Values.  We are committed to an Integrated Management Policy through:

  • Food Quality and Safety: Satisfy our clients and consumers with food safety, legal and authentic products with strict compliance of food safety and quality principles. 
  • Environmental Management: Contribute with the sustainable development through the prevention of environmental risks and the optimization of resources with a life cycle approach.
  • Control and Safety Management System: Promote safe trade by managing the risks associated with illicit activities: assets laundering, terrorist financing, narcotrafficking, among others; controlling and maintaining integrity in the processes and operations of the supply chain in the production, marketing and export of products.
  • Risk Management and Business ContinuityManaging the organization's risks comprehensively, and establishing prevention and mitigation actions, in order to protect resources, business continuity, peace of mind of employees and the generation of trust in the interest groups.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Contribute voluntarily to comprehensive human development and the harmonious relationship with stakeholders (Shareholders, Collaborators, Third Parties, Customers, Suppliers, the Community and the State), generating economic, social growth and environmental equilibrium
  • Safety and Health in the WorkplaceFoster a culture of participation, prevention and control in conditions and behaviors related to safety, physical and mental health, the prevention of addictions, accidents and illnesses related to the workplace, embracing a reliable and safe environment.  
  • Diversity and InclusionIn our management practices of talent and leadership, promote inclusive environments and opportunities based on objectivity and the value of diversity.
  • Human Rights: Work to develop a corporate contact that promotes the adoption and enforcement of behaviors aimed at respect for Human Rights, in line with international treaties.

The Integrated Management Policy is signed in compilance with the legislation applicable to our productive and commercial activity, promoting innovation and continuous improvement of our processes. We achieve this with the commitment of agile and flexible collaborators who build authentic relationships and achieve extraordinary results.