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Our Company > Research and Development.

Research and development.

We are a Research and Development Center recognized by Colciencias under National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI) with emphasis on generation of knowledge and development of differentiated products to satisfy our clients and consumers in terms of wellness, health and pleasure.

We generate creative proposals based on the constant search for innovation in products and processes of coffee and related derivatives; we offer as a result of our projects, cost effective and tailor-made products for different customers, as well as important knowledge for future proposals, always committed with Sustainable Development. 

We are known for timely responsiveness to customers who seek specialized developments, and we give support on various issues related to coffee.

Our vision 

To be a Research and Development Center in coffee and related products recognized for their efficiency and effectiveness in new product development, creativity and innovativeness, as well as in generating scientific knowledge applied to new products and production processes of coffee, moreover to create new intellectual property that is valued worldwide. 

Working scheme

We consider coffee is more than just a beverage, it is a product with chemical complexity which makes us affirm it is also: aroma, oil, caffeine, antioxidants, functional ingredients, so on; therefore our work seeks to generate impact in different topics of research and development. 


Basic and applied research on raw materials and technological processes related to these following lines of work:

  1. Coffee Aromas
  2. Coffee Chemistry
  3. Processes
  4. Antioxidants
  5. Coffee Roastin
New Product Development

Develop differentiated products of outstanding quality, considered in these product lines: Roast and Ground Coffee, Instant Coffee, Coffee Mixes, Coffee Oils, Refreshing beverages and other applications like natural and functional products.

We count on Vidarium, Research Center in health, nutrition and wellness of Grupo Nutresa, as our main partner in projects which require support and technical advice in those issues. Additionally we are part of an innovation network of Grupo Nutresa, where different universities, centers of technological development and suppliers are included around the world


We have human, physical and technological resources to ensure compliance with the objective of the projects we work in terms of quality and time.