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Integrated Quality Management Policy

In Industria Colombiana de Café S. A. S., COLCAFÉ, we act under the strategic framework contemplated in our Mission, Vision and Values.  We are committed to an Integrated Management Policy through:

  • Food Quality and Safety: Satisfy our clients and consumers with quality, reliable and safe products, with strict adherence to the principles of food safety while offering excellent service.  
  • Environmental Management: Prevent and control environmental aspects, optimizing the use of resources.
  • Risk Management: Identify and administer the risks associated with the activities of the Company, seeking their reduction and/or transfer.    
  • Control and Safety Management SystemPromote secure trade with international customs, governments and entities, applying safety and protection procedures and standards in the marketing logistics chain of the products manufactured.
  • Safety and Health in the Workplace: Foster a culture of prevention and control, under the conditions related to personnel safety and health, providing a better working environment. 
  • Healthy Organization:  Foster a culture to prevent cardiovascular disease with the aim of contributing to the generation of protective factors that promote the improvement of the quality of life of employees.  
  • Family–Responsible Company:  Promote the fulfillment and happiness of our employees and that of their families, seeking the balance of work, personal and family life in all levels of the organization. C
  • Corporate Social Responsibility:  Contribute voluntarily to comprehensive human development and the harmonious relationship with stakeholders (Shareholders, Employees, Third Parties, Clients, Suppliers, the Community and the State), generating economic and social growth and environmental equilibrium.
  • Human Rights:  Work to develop a corporate contact that promotes the adoption and enforcement of behaviors aimed at respect for Human Rights, in line with international treaties.
  • Diversity and Inclusion:  In our management practices of talent and leadership, promote inclusive environments and opportunities based on objectivity and the value of diversity.

The Integrated Management Policy has been signed, complying with the legislation applicable to our productive and commercial activity, contributing to the development of society, through our business and social management, driving innovation and the continuous improvement of our processes, through the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) methodology, teamwork and sustainable development and that of our people.

Miguel Moreno